N protein(N蛋白检测)-24小时出结果


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服务详情 The Service


  • 抗体检测通过抽取静脉血进行检测SARS CoV-2 N protein antibody test was performed via intravenous blood sampling.
  • 接种了疫苗的旅行去中国人士需接受N蛋白检测 This is required for vaccinated traveller to China

报告时间 Report Time

  • 当日出结果: 通常报告时间为采样当日的晚 9 点后 Same Day Service: Report is usually sent after 9 pm the day of sample collection
  • 如果同时预约了双测的检测着,报告将一并出具 Report will be provided together with the double test if applicatable (whichever is later)
  • *周末N蛋白出处理较慢,有可能周一出结果。 There is limited service on weekends for N protein, the result could be on Monday.

报告方式 Report Method

  • 以普通邮件附件形式发送至报名时留下的邮箱
  • Report shall be sent to the email provided at booking as attachment.

个人订单– Individual Booking

  • 网上下订单- > 联系客服确认费用以及核对信息(若需)-> 付费–> 邮箱接收预约确认信 ->完成 检测-> 实验室发送结果-> 脉德核对检查结果- >脉德发符合使馆要求的报告至客户邮箱-> 客户将 报告上传至使馆审核-> 旅行绿码
  • Online Booking-> Providing applicant info-> Making Payment-> Confirmation sent -> Taking the test-> Sample to the lab-> MEDii double check the test result and issue report-> Report sent to client’s email-> Client to upload to embassy for approval -> Travel green code

企业用户– Corporate members Booking

  • 企业用户请报备企业统一对接人获得授权码, 根据上述流程完成在线预定并在支付页面输入授权 码。
  • For corporate clients, it is advised that applicant proceed the booking with an authorisation code from the employer first.

根据使馆规定︐检测日为航班起飞之前 2 日 (N-2), 这样才能保证检测报告符合新规定。 Recommended to take the test 2 days prior to the flight date.

具体建议时间请参考下表 The Below Take As Reference

*实验室周日工作量降低,时间无法保障,周二飞行人士建议采用周一当日出结果的服务,请联系客服确认 最优检测时间

* For travellers on Tuesday, advised to take a same day test on Monday instead

当天出检测结果的服务需要在周一至周五中午 12 点前取样︐周末 11 点前取样。For Same Day Test Result service, Samples must be collected by 12 noon on weekdays and by 11am on weekends

另外服务时间会随需求而相应延长︐如果需要在额外时间段检测︐请联系客服。Please note additional test hours may be available upon request. Please contact us for more details.


免费更改检测日期︐改检测人信息︐请在约定检测日期提前至少一天在线更改。 在约定检测日期前 1 个工作日由于任何原因需要退款的︐扣除£10 手续费后全额退款︐

Making change and rescheduling will be free of charge up to 1 days prior to the test day. Cancellation that gives at least 1 days’ notice will receive full refund (minus £10 admin fee) regardless of the reasons.


如果遇到实验室结果不明晰︐您将有机会免费重新做一次检测。 重新检测将会使得出报告时 间延误。

A re-test will be offered in the case of unclear result at no extra charges, and it will delay the delivery time of the report.


脉德与实验室通力合作︐力求我们客户报告的准确性和时效︐报告延误的小概率事件的确存 在。在非不可抗拒力的情况下︐实验室出报告的时间晚于既定出报告日期的午夜︐您将获得全 额退款。

We work closely with the lab to maintain a high standard of punctuality and accuracy of the test result. However, there is a small chance of delay . We will refund the charges for the test, if due to our own fault the report is failed to be delivered by midnight of the report date.


请仔细阅读本页面内容以及提及的相关服务文件︐明确脉德服务内容与权责声明︐了解检测技术 自身局限性︐国际旅行政策的不确定性等︐有任何疑问请联系我们咨询︐

Please carefully read the service briefing and relevant documents mentioned on this page. Please be aware of MEDii’s service T&Cs, the limitations of the test itself, and the uncertainties of international travel.

5. 联系我们 CONTACT US

上门检测服务需要联系客服获得精确的费用︐另外若有其他需要咨询的检测问题︐请致信邮箱 covidtest@mediihealth.com︐网站服务助手︐或联系脉德客服微信。

Please contact us for accurate fee of home visit service. Other testing related enquiries, please email us or via webchat

注意: 选择上门服务的客户,如果您的邮编非伦敦地区N,S,W,E开头,请勿直接约定。请联系客服获得准确上门服务费用,并在点击上门预定后付款处补齐差价。 非伦敦地区只提供次日出结果服务。

Home visit regions other than postcode N,S,W,E post code may occur additional service charge, please contact customer service for a quote, and pay the fee difference at online booking check out. Only next day report service available for non-London areas.


Nurse may adjust the visit time based on route and traffic, this won‘t affect the expected report time. We shall endeavour to make it to the booked time slot, any difference of more than 1 hour from your booked time, we shall phone/email in the afternoon before the visit. Please keep an hour on your updated confirmation email.

Please take the time slot in your appointment confirmaiton letter as final.

Home visit time shall be the hour around the time slot on your confirmation letter. This is because the nurser shall adjust the exact arrival time based on the traffic and collection route on the day.