Personalised and Premium Medical Experience in the UK
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Enjoy the hospitality of our local bilingual service team, bringing you the warmth and familiarity of home with an exceptional standard of attention and care.
For patients seeking:
Renowned Experts
Diagnosis and reviews of complex conditions by world-leading experts
Personalised Care
Bespoke, detailed management strategies that are tailored to the unique individual case
Advanced Treatment
Latest medical, surgical, and therapeutic options with the world’s most advanced treatment
Holistic Approach
Multidisciplinary, cross-specialty treatment plans using a holistic approach to achieve the best results
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Remote medical consultations

Hand-picking the most suitable field experts from renowned UK hospitals

Securing a rapid appointment with the shortlisted consultant

Consulting with world-leading medical experts in the comfort of your home

Professional medical translation, optimising the quality of communication

Why choose the UK?
The UK is a world leader in the healthcare, life sciences and bio-economy cluster, finding solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. The UK offers:
World-renowned medical standards and exceptional clinical outcomes
Most advanced medical infrastructure and pharmacological options
Personalised management plans for each individual client
Excellent cost-effectiveness in numerous treatment options
Why choose MEDii?
MEDii proudly serves international patients with experienced bilingual medical experts, sharing insights to empower patients with best choices. MEDii offers:
Access to 3000+ UK medical consultants
Bilingual medical advisory teams ensuring highest standards at the core
An experienced triage and services team
Accredited and approved by premium hospitals and clinics
Visiting services which improve efficiency and offer a personalised healthcare experience
Video Consultation
Expert’s treatment in the UK starts from here
Prestigious Private Hospitals
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MEDii medical travel service
Pre departure:
Medical history collection, review, and summary
Shortlisting and selection of medical experts
Remote consultation for treatment and budget planning
Helping with medical visa application
Receiving treatment in the UK:
Language and cultural support for settling in
Scheduling operations and treatments
Professional medical translation and interpretation
Arranging follow-up appointments after treatment
Aftercare management:
Translation of discharge summary and all relevant documents
Handing over to the doctor in your home country for aftercare
Continuous communication with treatment team for updates
Prompt updates regarding clinical changes